Types of luggage wheels: Which one suits you?

//Types of luggage wheels: Which one suits you?

Types of luggage wheels: Which one suits you?

Understanding types of luggage wheels well can help us buy the right travel luggage. Now is the spring season, flowers bloom and it’s warm and comfortable.  We are all desired to go out to travel, enjoy the scenery and relax the nervous mood. So how to choose the travel luggage, with fixed wheel or universal wheels? Let us see what is the good wheels and bad wheels

Good or bad wheels

1.  Firmness

2. Smoothness

3. Noise

4. Surface gloss

Types of luggage wheels

1. Fixed caster or In-line fixed

fixed caster

Often half of the directional wheel is embedded in the luggage, which makes the luggage move back and forth, unable to move in place. the biggest advantages is wearproof / wear-resisting, even if in full of gravel roads , so if your luggage is often “walk” is not a smooth road, then buy the directional wheel use time may be longer. Suitable for all kinds of road surfaces.

2. Universal Wheel

Universal wheel-

Four wheel is often referred to as universal wheel, it makes the suitcase can be 360 ° freedom changes of direction, and the horizontal pushing (4 wheels on the ground) and its energy.The drawback of the universal wheel is that it can’t handle “brutalize”, so it’s better to walk on the smoother road, or the wheel may strike.

3. The aircraft wheel

the aircraft wheel

The aircraft wheel is also universal, but it looks like the wheel of a plane, it is double row, so it has such a name.The aircraft wheel has all the advantages and disadvantages of the above universal wheel, but there are some differences between them. The conclusion is as follows:

Endurance: one – way > aircraft wheel > universal wheel.

Smoothness: aircraft wheel > universal wheel > one-way.

Market price: aircraft wheel > universal wheel > one-way


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