Hard vs soft luggage, which is the right suitcase for you?

//Hard vs soft luggage, which is the right suitcase for you?

Hard vs soft luggage, which is the right suitcase for you?

Finding the right kind of luggage depends on a lot of variables, hard vs soft luggage, which one to choose when you want to go to international travel or send friends as a gift. Here are the pros and cons of soft shell luggage and hard shell luggage. hope it can help you when you buy suitcase. hard vs soft luggage, Friends, you are very welcome to leave a message to express your preferences. Most of time I will choose a hard shell suitcase but not excluding soft case.


Hard luggage

hard shell suitcase_


. Water resistant, no weird smell.

. More likely to protect items in the suitcase from liquids.

. More easy to maneuver since most come with four wheels, which makes getting through airports, train stations and other congested areas easier.

. Easier to find at baggage claim as they come in more colors.


. Find edges can make ti harder to fit suitcase into overhead bins or below the seat in front of you.

. Not as flexible, making it difficult to peck souvenirs or use for shopping needs.

. Not as easily accessible.


Soft luggage

soft shell suitcase


. More durable for longer periods of time.

. More flexibility, can fit it into more compact spaces.

. Due to the flexibility, more items can be put into soft shell luggage, making it more ideal for shopping.

. More accessible with more pockets.


. Not water resistant, absorbs water causing it to harbor smell.

. Not as easy to maneuver as hard shell luggage, most soft luggage come with two wheels, which can make it tougher to maneuver.

. Limited amount of options for suitcase colors.

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